Finely Crafted Benches by MacB Woodworking

MacB Woodworking is closing its commercial business as of Dec 23, 2020.  I would like all remaining benches and cushions to go to a good home.  5 benches remain. Cushions are sold out.  First come, first served!

Closing business! Prices Slashed!

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"This bench is incredibly comfortable!"
Jennifer M., Iowa City, IA

These are one of a kind hand-crafted meditation benches.  My benches are made from locally recycled hardwood and typically have a stone inset or inlay design on one side.   Each bench is unique.  There is a hand-hold in the top for ease of carrying.   Sides are joined to top using a either a locking miter joint or a half-blind dovetail joint.   The benches are created with loving care in my wood shop, MacB Woodworking, where I am dedicated to fine woodworking.  (Note: existing cushions are sold out.) For added comfort, use the bench with a zabuton or folded blanket underneath with the meditator's feet hanging off the back.


  • Dimensions (inches): 7.5H x 7D x 17W, 15 degree slope from back to front

  • Materials: Locally recycled hardwood (walnut, cherry, oak, maple)

  • Finished with multiple coats of satin polyurethane followed by a hard wax application.

  • Cushion: 2-inch thick foam covered with durable cotton twill 
       (Note: Cushions are now sold out.  Will check on special ordering.)


Meditation Benches for Sale

Closing Business!    Prices slashed!


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Ann Arbor, Michigan

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